Monday, 9 January 2012

jan 9, 2012

today's mending activity is all about surrounding myself with purring cats. did you know that a cat's purr can actually help to mend broken bones? the optimal frequency for bone growth and the healing of fractures is 50 hertz, and most feline purrs fall within 25-50 hertz. if the frequency is higher, around 120 hertz, it can heal tendons and other soft tissues. the cool thing is that the cat doesn't even need to be laying on you - just having a cat in the room helps you to heal. sounds waves are cool like that.

i remember in the weeks after my accident last year, both my cats kept trying to perch on my injured knee and purr me back to health - they were really adamant about it - so maybe they actually know about their healing superpower?

luckily, my two like to lay on my chest in a sort of yin-yang formation and purr their hearts out. i like to think that it's mending mine.


  1. That's so interesting! I never knew. I'm guessing this is one of your kitties? I love my own fat cat, he's my life-buddy. Kitties are definitely good for helping mend a broken heart, I'd have been lost without my cat through my own heartaches.

  2. Celynne, meet Cohen - my butch cat extraordinaire :)

  3. My sister had a car accident a long time ago. She spent a long time recovering at home and our family cat often snoozed beside her in bed and laid on top of her leg cast. She said her energy and her warmth kept her spirits up :)

  4. That's really sweet, DL :)