Thursday, 12 January 2012

jan 11, 2012

this little mending kit is becoming a familiar sight. i'm getting so many little tasks done that have been on my mending to do list since what seems like forever.

tonight, i reattached the decorative epaulette buttons on a hoodie that i inherited last spring. it's a favourite of mine for a few reasons:

(a) i really, really like it. (deep, i know) it's soft and warm and bright blue, and it goes all the way over my hips in this really cozy way.

(b) it came from a community clothing swap via my awesome partner in crime, nathan. after my bike accident, i went right from the hospital to his house without even going back to my place, so i hardly had any clothes with me. this electric blue hoodie and my powder blue hospital pants were pretty much my all-star fashion uniform for the first few weeks of my recovery. and, actually, i have pretty fond memories of that time. visitors and healing milestones and food deliveries and all the loveliness of being in the community hub that is ms. shelley taylor's house (nathan's roomie at the time). the sweater kept me warm, literally and figuratively. it reminded me that you can get what you need from community - all you need to do is ask.

(c) i like the idea that this sweater had a life before me...and that clothing in general has a life before you. i know that some people think you take the chance of inheriting bad luck from the previous wearer, but you have just as much chance of inheriting warmth and love, right? do any of the ottawa peeps reading this blog know whose hoodie this was before me?


  1. Who knows who's hoodie it was, but it's serving a good purpose now! A friend of mine in California sent me a wicked birthday package full of vintage goodies, and some of them, try as I might, still kinda smell like barn after being washed. But I wear their grooviness anyway because it feels like wearing a hug, since I've never actually met this friend but only known her OL. Anywho. Rambling! I have that little sewing kit too, but I quickly moved on to better things, those scissors drove me nuts hah.

  2. Yeah, the scissors are awful! *laugh*

  3. Whose was it, monkeyblend?!