Tuesday, 17 January 2012

jan 16, 2012

today, i got a letter from a long-lost. (an email, actually - but what can i say? i love alliteration.) it was one of those situations where, inexplicably, weirdness started to take over our relationship. our until-then strong and fun connection either fizzled or went dormant - i still don't know which. we tried to talk it out and reconnect last year, but i was too exhausted from all the crap that was going on to do the repair work. and, truth be told, i still had a lot of lingering hurt from what had happened. if i had tried harder maybe we would have just relaxed into each other and opened up. hard to say. anyway, i was touched by the fact that she reached out and somehow knew that my ongoing distance had a lot to do with how mired in crap i was at the time. in honour of both of our intentions to mend the rift, i'm going to mend a scarf that she gave me that last time we saw each other. it's been nice that, through all this distance, i can wrap it around me and feel the warmth.

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