Saturday, 7 January 2012

jan 7, 2012

more coat-mending - stage two of three! tonight, i'm re-attaching the row of buttons that keeps my coat fastened. almost all of them have grown loose from the quick on-and-off of my coat every day. i figure it's worth it to invest some effort in the thing that's keeping me warm and happy through the frigid, snowy days of ottawa winteryness, right?

it's an interesting process, this securing of things with my own two hands. it would be a stretch to call it empowering, but it reminds me of how much i can do for myself with really simple tools and a bit of focus. i'm pretty famous for over-planning and making things more complicated than they need to be, so just sitting down with a needle and thread is grounding.

ps: these totally over-the-top hot pink pyjamas with black hearts inspired the '80s neon confetti theme in this pic (by lili kondo).


  1. I got myself a sewing machine and am slowly taking in a lot of my clothes. I really love the accomplishment from sewing, even when it's something little like putting a button back on.