Sunday, 1 January 2012

jan 1, 2012

for lots of us, 2011 could have been better named two-thousand-and-fucked-up. there were so many extremes: natural disasters, financial disasters, break-ups, deaths, conflicts, illnesses, traumas, accidents, lost jobs, lost homes, family rifts, separations, bankruptcies and betrayals. i keep hearing more stories about how relentless it has been. that has, of course, meant a lot of grieving and heavy-heartedness, and we need a place to put all this energy so it doesn't linger like a hangover into 2012.

rather than make a space here to discuss what's happened in our lives and risk getting stuck inside it, i'd like to circumvent the cycle of grieving, if you will, by creating a mindset of mending. in my own life, i'm calling 2012 the mending year - an opportunity to shift from the grossness and difficulty of the past year into something lighter and more hopeful.

this blog is about putting things back together. each day for the whole next year, i'm going to post something: a picture of a mending project i've done that day, a piece of art i've made or a letter i've written to bridge the distance with someone. i'd like to invite you to join me in contributing things that are about mending - relationships, friendships, clothing, homes, hearts, bodies. it can be symbolic or literal. it can be image or text-based...or both! it can be anything you want, so long as it's about mending in some way. let's get the mending mentality out into our circles a little more this year!

if you're interested in contributing posts, just get in touch with me at lunaallison (at) yahoo (dot) ca. i'm looking forward to doing this project with you.

keep your eye out for my first mending post a little later tonight.


  1. Luna, this is a lovely idea. I will try my best to contribute at some point.