Friday, 27 January 2012

jan 27, 2012

today, i got a delightful present from my love n., who's visiting me from toronto this weekend. (yay loverpants visits!!)

on thursday morning, he was in the wood shop at the art school he goes to, and he made me this awesome heart out of scrap wood. he brought it with him and gave it to me tonight. it's got all these mistakes and rough patches and is generally a pretty awesome metaphor for how i've been feeling about the whole situation with my ex.

i like the idea of making loveliness out of leftovers. a more poetical version of lemons to lemonade, maybe? but there's more to it than that. it's about taking the time to find beauty in a trash pile - not giving up on leftover or imperfect things. adapting to what you've got and making something of it.

i really like this imperfect heart that he gave me. i hope you all get a chance to know the beauty of your imperfect heart. make something worthwhile from scraps. don't ever give up. ♥

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