Sunday, 22 January 2012

jan 22, 2012

oh, hand-sewing. i love it. today was another mending for others project. this lovely cranberry red sweater had a hole in the seam of the right arm and another one near the armpit on the left side.

the last few times i've sewn something up, i've been using contrasting thread. i like the idea of visible stitches - mending you can see. there's no need to hold up the illusion that the clothes are new and don't require any upkeep. no need for the stitch to blend. looking at this picture, i find the contrast and visibility of the stitches beautiful. we all need a little mending sometimes - why hide it when it comes to clothes? to me, it's like scar tissue. it marks the life of a thing. it's the difference between fixing and mending.

ps: i'm excited that my hand stitching is getting better - look at that near-perfect line!


  1. I was hand-piecing quilt squares for a while (until I finally caved and bought a used sewing machine) and I remember looking back on the first few squares and watching my stitching progress as I went further along. That's a big part of why I enjoy sewing and such, you can see and feel your progress, it's a tangible thing you can hold up in front of yourself and feel good about afterward.

  2. interesting idea. I never considered it.