Friday, 20 January 2012

jan 19, 2012

a few days back, i got this message from an email list i'm on. it was talking about the typical "out with the old, in with the new" stuff that i'm used to seeing each january. but this message had a really sweet question attached to it: given the chance to reconnect with an old friend you cherish but have lost touch with, who would you choose?

i thought, wow, that is a seriously hard question to answer. since then, i've been trying to notice anecdotes about back in the day and who i'm reminiscing about the most. it turns out, the person i'd most like to connect with is my old friend a.c. she's moved out to the west coast a couple times in the last several years and gotten involved with a community that's pretty all-absorbing, so it's been tricky to keep up with all the changes and stay connected. but when i thought about how much we used to laugh and how fierce we were together, i knew that the answer was definitely her.

a.c. is one of the most hilarious people i've ever met. she has this way of making everyone around her laugh with totally over-the-top jokes. though she's just as good at dead-pan. i had the best time remembering back to a road trip we took with three other friends about 10 or 12 years ago (was anyone else at that axe tampax conference in virginia, circa 2000? i think it was at james something university?). anyway, on said virginia trip, she thought it would be hilarious to tape record everything we did, anthropology-style - including interviews with the grass and the sidewalks during rest stops. "ah, i're the strong, silent type. interesting...interesting." at one point, she got everyone in the car to go topless while we were driving down the highway and when people got weird about it, she'd act like it was in the other drivers' heads. god, i love that girl. she always was just *so* her. i'm laughing again. so many stories i could tell.

so, yes, that's my answer to that wonderful question. now it's your turn.

who would you reconnect with?


  1. The only friend I so badly want to see again is the one who moved away to Rwanda, and that's a pretty recent split. Most people I've drifted away from aren't really people I'd want to be close to now, but that's probably because I was so different back then and I'm not interested in the same kinds of people.

  2. Yeah, that makes sense. Some drifts happen for a reason!