Saturday, 14 January 2012

jan 14, 2012

sometimes, my cats fight with each other. they go through these phases where they hiss and bat at each other and glare and keep a distrustful distance. i suppose it's inevitable, this pushing back against the intimacy of their home life - they've never been apart in 10 years. well, except for that one time when cohen ran away for a few days to find herself a fine alleycat lover. (but that's a different story.) the point of this story is that they always, always find a way back to each other again. recently, they've been in a spat, but today they started the slow process of being spooning buddies again. cohen may have her back to cara in this picture, but do you see how her one ear is perked up? that's her listening for cuddling opportunities.

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  1. Your cats are cuties. I brought my own cat with me to visit my parents over the holidays. They have a small, angry, 3-legged dog, and most of the time they tend to be pretty stand-off-ish with each other. Except sometimes... we catch them snuggling together anyway.