Sunday, 5 February 2012

feb 5, 2012

tonight, i did another small mend to the props and costumes for my one-woman show, falling open. if you're just starting to follow this blog, i'm doing all these mends in prep for a run that starts this friday night. an added bonus was that tonight's project also doubled as a mend to one of my most prized possessions - a gorgeous three-quarter length badass flared leather trenchcoat:

this divine little thing is part of my costume for a scene about halfway through the show. the right-hand pocket has a big hole in it where it has come away from the seam, which has been a particular pain in the butt during rehearsals since i have to quickly fish out a prop from said pocket and my hand keeps going through to the lining on the first reach.

here's a before shot of the pocket. it's hard to see, but almost half of the pocket has already come away from the seam:

the suppliers that i could find here in town were all completely out of leather needles! (scandalous!) so i had to use a regular needle, but with a few minutes of stitching with my trusty new upholstery thread...

...i again have a pocket of true integrity, ready for significantly more effective prop storage!

i created an invisible stitch by sewing inside the pocket until i got to the very end. the mend isn't perfect, but what is? i'm certainly much happier with it now!


  1. I did this same mend to a friend's jacket. He was complaining to me that there was a giant hole in his pocket, but when I took a look, the actual pocket was fine, but most of the lining was undone so he was just shoving his hand into open space.

  2. It does feel like the pocket is the thing that needs mending with this sort of thing, doesn't it? But it's usually the seam that gives out from wear and tear.