Tuesday, 28 February 2012

feb 28, 2012

it was a day of travel for me. i took a rideshare with a couple of guys i didn't know, and i was reminded for the umpteenth time how much rideshares and hitchhiking do for my faith in humanity.

it's the little things about it: the driver trusting us with his car while he ducks in for a pee break at a rest stop, the guy in the back seat accepting my extra banana with glee, our curiosity about each other, finding how different we are and where we overlap ("i love that band, too!!!"), the consideration and willingness to compromise, talking about our lives and relationships and jobs and dreams. we have no obligations to each other. there's no reason we have to show interest or ask questions - not really. the whole thing is pretty beautiful, and it seems to always pan out the same...

1. the small voice in my head wonders if i should trust these random strangers.
2. i wonder if i have anything in common with these people.
3. my reticence gives way to stories and bonding and fun.
4. i think to myself, "we should all do this more."
5. my heart gets all blushy pink and hopeful from deciding to be open instead of shrinking back and protecting myself from some ambient threat.

after a dozen years, you'd think by now i would remember that this is how it always goes! *laugh* or at least remember that sharing space and time with strangers helps me to remember about the potential fun and connection in every person. my experience today definitely mended some of the defensiveness that's been lurking in my heart.

so totally lovely. i'm glad i didn't take the bus.

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  1. I really love meeting new people, and I always try my hardest to give folks the benefit of the doubt and assume they are a good individual until they prove me otherwise. It's funny that mingling with strangers these days is such a big deal, when 50 years ago... that's just how you met folks! It's always nice to be reminded that people we don't know are good people too, or at least people we can appreciate and be thankful for having in the world with us.