Wednesday, 29 February 2012

feb 29, 2012

it's a leap day today, so i figured i might as well do a project that's about making an important leap. i had the perfect thing in mind: a mending project - which is really more of an alteration project - that i've been meaning to do for a few months now.

at the mr. leather ottawa competition in november, my friend s.p. gifted me with this amazing leather bra that actually fits me! so exciting! (the small-boobed wonders of the world will know what i mean - so hard to find a leather bra if you're barely a b cup!) i just needed to shorten the band at the back because it was too wide for me by a few inches.

i cut out the extra elastic in the back so that the clasp would still be centred, pinned either side of the clasp to its respective side and got sewing. i restitched it in a slow-and-steady, methodical way over the period of about an hour. i took my time placing the stitches and made sure everything was well-anchored and solid.

you may be wondering what altering this hot leather bra has to do with mending? well, it's symbolic. for various reasons i won't get into here, i've had a pretty difficult relationship with the leather scene over the last year-and-a-half. it used to be fun and care-free for me, but some really fucked up dynamics had replaced simple, pervy goodness with complication. it's been confusing and, sometimes, pretty awful.

but, instead of stewing and steaming about all the various things that i've heard or seen or experienced that have led to these complicated feelings, i want to return to the reasons i got involved in the community in the first place: it felt right and hot and powerful. that was back in the early 2000s...god, how time flies! anyway, back then, i got involved because it was yummy. there's a part of me that is so deeply satisfied by kink play and D/s when the chemistry's right. when the chemistry's wrong, it's a disaster. when people try to extend their influence outside their agreed-upon dynamics or can't keep their commitments or decide not to operate within established boundaries, also a disaster. but i figure i'll steer clear of that bullshit and stick with the hot fun.

as of today, i'm returning to leather on my own terms - in a way that fits me - starting with this gorgeous bra. which i can't wait to wear.

here's to starting fresh and leaving the crap behind!

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