Tuesday, 14 February 2012

feb 14, 2012

what a charming day this has been so far! i got up early, went for a walk and enjoyed the wandering. i scheduled my annual physical for today because i figured what better day than valentine's day to send some self-love and body tending my way. i was thinking of dropping by the chiropractor's afterwards, but she wasn't open until the afternoon today. maybe later?

so i get home after my wandering, and my friend lili is waiting in the kitchen, with this big grin on her face. "you have a package! open it!" so i do, and it's this totally rad vintage zip-close sewing kit that the lovely a.w. bought for me on etsy! (sidenote: notice how matchy it is with my outdoor wintery gear!) her card said, "i love the mending year. i want to help you make it as amazing as possible."

best. valentine's. gift. ever. thanks for the mending gear, a.!! so charming! i love it!!!!!


  1. sweet.

    seen these love business cards? http://us.moo.com/design-templates/luxe/business-cards/pack/work-of-hearts.html

  2. Whisk, someone beat me to it. I actually wanted to get you a little sewing kit too :p Kudos to your friend getting such a rad one!