Wednesday, 15 February 2012

feb 15, 2012

today, i've had to face some pretty unpleasant realities, so tonight's post is all about comfort food. namely: tapioca pudding from scratch.

for the most part, i used the usual ingredients - cream, milk, tapioca pearls and sugar...

but i added something extra special to make it even better - edible glitter!:

look at it glimmer and shimmer in the pic below!

any dessert that does that gets an a+ in my books.

i'm going to sign off now to eat my glittery goodness and zone out, care of a little internet tv. remember to treat yourselves extra-well on hard days, ok? i'm doing my best to do that and would be so uber-pleased if you followed suit!


  1. Is it bad my first thought was that your insides and your excrement are also going to be glittery? Haha... I've never actually had tapioca pudding, but it seems tempting. I hope whatever's got ya down doesn't linger long in your heart, there's still so much to be happy about. Like glittery dessert :) *hug*

  2. huh, edible glitter. I think I saw some of that on cookies.