Wednesday, 1 February 2012

feb 1, 2012

mending friends! we've made into month two of this lovely new year! for me, much more wonderful things are happening this year than last. the fact that i can already say this one month into the year tells you something, doesn't it? :P

in honour of completing my first mending month, i'm going to revisit my first-ever mending project - the one i did on january 1st. i mended a broken heart. which is to say, i stitched up a red felt heart with a lightning-shaped break in it. (because i'm emo and love word play, i called this "felt heartbreak". heh heh...i know. i'm so dramatic.)

here's the original picture:

i'm not sure if you can see it in this photo or not, but the stitching is pretty loose. this mend was about keeping the two parts of the heart together rather than actually healing the break. (baby steps.)

tonight is going to be a different mend. i wouldn't say i've made much progress in the brokenheartedness department, but i intend to.

i took the first set of stitches out...

...and mended the heart so that the fissure actually closed this time.

 this will manifest in real life, i hope?


  1. ps: Stage two of stool mending tomorrow!

  2. It will, it just takes time. *hugs* I hated hearing that when my own heart was still freshly broken, but some cliches are true.