Tuesday, 21 February 2012

feb 18, 2012

today, i was walking by my old place. the place i was living at last year when i got into a serious bike accident. at the time i wrote off my beloved bikey (pictured at left), my lifemate of seven years, because it was mechanical problems that caused the accident in the first place. i was so scared about the possibility of going through anything like that accident again that i planned to get a brand-new bike that may not be as charming or fun or me but it would at least be safe and dependable. a good bike to bridge me back into biking.

the thing is, though, i never did go out and get that new bike. in fact, i haven't been back on a bike since. i also never had the heart to take bikey to the bike dump to be pilfered for parts. as i passed by my old place today, i was amazed to see that bikey, which had been unlocked and simply leaning against the front porch for the last six months, was still there.

wow. how could i not take her home with me and give her a mend? she's down in the basement now, waiting for my ministrations. i think it'll be therapeutic. this will be a long-term project because so many of the parts are broken from the accident. happily, my friend m. told me about this local community bike shop where i can fix it myself and learn about bikes at the same time. it's called re-cycles.

i'll post progress reports on here from time to time and, when i'm done all the parts replacements and repairs, i'm going to invite you all out with me for my first bike ride since march 31, 2011. eee, i'm so excited to have bikey back in my life!

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  1. I love that the bike was still there. I had a bicycle, but it was stolen, and I never got around to getting another one. I'm too frightened of getting run over on the streets anyway!