Sunday, 6 May 2012

may 5, 2012

you know what's the most amazing thing? spending time with kids. they combine perception and enthusiasm with a flexible & curious mind. and, once they decide where they're going, they run. they do not walk. there's something to be said for that.

my mending today was kidlet time. i.e.: spending time with the two sweet and wonderful offspring of a family i know.

one of the adults and the two kids and i went to a beltane ritual today on a friend's land in the middle of a green, green patch of forest to celebrate life and the sources of life, set some intentions for the fertile season, eat together, dance around the maypole and generally make merriment.

it was beautiful.

during the ritual, the woman who was leading the proceedings said something that stuck with me: "this land once was wild." in paganism, it's really common for the earth and the human body to be seen as interchangeable, so i instantly thought about the people standing around the circle. these bodies, these territories some occupied, some struggling, some liberated. perhaps a mix, depending on the day?

but no one exemplifies liberation like kids. so long as they've been nurtured and loved, they radiate a free body, spirit and mind. i remember back to being a kid: running...always running, the joy of a body, laughing freely and crying loudly whenever it was warranted, doing and wearing what feels good and reaching freely for the hand of a new friend without a second thought.

these are the marks of wildness.
this is where i plan to return.

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