Tuesday, 8 May 2012

may 8, 2012

tonight, i'm going to mend something hot pink because (a) if my mood right now were expressed as a colour, it would be that one, and, (b) hot pink is aptly named. i love it so much.

this shirt reminds me of touring lady musicians and spontaneous fun. i bought it from the merch table of a vancouver-based band sometime in 2005. that was back when le cagibi was cafe esperanza, and i was organizing catcall with abigail lapell in montreal. (some of you will actually remember that!)

anyway, i still wear this shirt. i love it almost as much as hot pink. there was a hole under one arm that needed mending, so i took care of that...

...then, in tribute to hot pink, i added a little extra sequin love to the patch on the back of the shirt. while wearing a 100% hot pink outfit. yeeeeaaaaah, baby.

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