Sunday, 6 May 2012

may 3, 2012

a few weeks ago, i started mending my relationship to sex. actively. heh heh. i know...i know...too lecherous, right? :P

okay, i'll just tell you the story instead. i've been pretty gun-shy about sex and dating since the breakup last fall. probably even before then.

but, for a couple months now, i've been all about this whole openness and spontaneity thing which you already know because i've written about it here. i've been focusing all my energy on engaging rather than withdrawing, admitting rather than hiding and showing rather than telling. (if you know what i mean... :P) and it has made SUCH a difference!

it might be partly the influence of spring, and all this teeming life energy springing up everywhere, but it feels like a whole new world out there for me. one that requires less effort. one that induces more calm and joy. one where i'm more confident and more vulnerable at the same time. who knew that was possible?

one of the coolest (and most unexpected) side effects of this openness thing is that i've been having more things come to me. usually, i ask people out rather than being asked out. i lean in for the first kiss. i ask for help rather than having it offered. not lately. lately, it's been flowing like a fountain, baby!

my mending project tonight is going to be my sheets. one of the things that i noticed when i took my things out of storage this week is that my sheets are very much the worse for wear...

they need attention, so mend them i will!

i took a regular needle and thread to the tears for some on-the-spot mending. it feels so damn important to be doing this. to set the scene properly for lovin' and self-lovin'.

a foundation, if you will.

oh, and to my detractors who would suggest that beige sheets invite boring sex, i say this: may what's happening between the sheets ALWAYS be 100 times more exciting than the sheets themselves.

ladies and gentlemen, sexiness is on the mend!

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  1. YAY! :-D

    Also: beige sheets do not invite boring sex. Seriously.
    If sheets done in scarlet and indigo and aubergine can invite spooning and snuggling and tenderness, beige sheets can invite scorching hot sex.

    Re: Openness. I've got a tarot deck that names the Queen of Cups "Receptivity". Hard as it is to try and follow her advice, I find the same thing. It's when I'm willing to be vulnerable that the World steps up and offers me what I need.