Thursday, 24 May 2012

may 22, 2012

in the last few days, i've been emailing with a friend who's having a rough time.

you know those times in life when it feels like the odds are stacked against a good outcome?

if you want me to be less delicate about it, i mean the times when you're standing in the middle of a relentless shitstorm of shitty shit. i know you know the kinda shitty shit i'm talking about.

well, in the midst of all this difficulty, she's feeling like she's torn out some stitches. metaphorically, i mean. undoing the life mending she's done recently.

what i told her was this: i'm learning that mending is a complicated thing...often it takes more than one pass to get the mend you want: to anchor it properly or to make it last or make it count. sometimes a mend that sticks isn't all that pretty and takes more tries than you might think. this has definitely been the case with the jeans i mended a while back.

if you remember, these are the jeans i was wearing when i got into my bike accident last year and, somehow, they keep on loosening and finding new ways to tear or come apart or fray.

it almost feels like a test or a metaphor, so here's my vow: i assure you, jeans, i will continue to come back to you again and again and again to figure out all the myriad ways that you (and, by extension, i) need mending. i'm going to stitch you up in every way i know how so that a way forward is possible. one with integrity and purpose.

so there it is. i almost feel like i should call out, "i can't quit you, boo!"

you know, as a dramatic finish to my post... :P

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