Thursday, 17 May 2012

may 16, 2012

there are a lot of mendables emerging as i unpack boxes at my new place.

one of the many things in need of mending is this art stand, which somehow broke in the move. it's part of a set i bought at the dollar store a while back. mending it is a tad absurd, i know, given that the dollar store is basically the hub of cheap, disposable, badly-made throwaway items. but, because it's a surprisingly durable (and useful!) little thing, i decided i would attempt to mend it.

truth be told, the broken stand has been sitting on my coffee table for days, sprawled out much like the picture above. i would look at it and decide to work on it another time. later, always later. maybe tomorrow?

mostly, the avoidance was due to that fact that i had no idea what was wrong or how to go about fixing it. i didn't take a closer look, though, to settle the matter; instead, i avoided doing anything about it and would, every now and then, glance at the thing semi-guiltily and ponder: were there pieces missing? would i have to glue the two halves in place and render the hinges unusable, or was there a way to keep the hinges intact? maybe i should just throw it out?

wow is this mending project ever making some of my patterns abundantly clear. if i were to be thematically appropriate in describing these revelations, vis-a-vis tonight's post, i would say that it puts my patterns on display. (yes, i went there. sorry.)

anyway, when i sat down to fiddle with the thing, i found that i just needed to snap the two pieces back into place, and it was pretty much as good as new. just like that.

you know, some mending ends up being much easier than you first suspect. it's cool when that happens. i'm discovering that procrastination is, for the most part, hilariously unnecessary. case in point, my friends. all that worry wasted. i'm sitting here shaking my head and laughing at myself...

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  1. I feel like that about a lot of things, build them up before I've even started, which makes me hold off starting... and then once I get to it it's never as bad as I expected.