Friday, 11 May 2012

may 11, 2012

crazy that we're almost halfway through may! so much good mending has been done so far this year, and i want to help facilitate even more mending in my community.

yesterday, my friend j.b. sent me a link to a story in the new york times about a group in amsterdam called the repair cafe foundation, which started these drop-in mending events called repair cafes. the idea behind a repair cafe is to create a space for community members to bring in items that need mending or repair and connect them with experts who can help them do the job: electricians, seamstresses, clock experts, etc. it was intended as a way of fighting back against the mindset of things being disposable rather than mendable.

i love this idea, and i'm going to organize a repair cafe for ottawa. i encourage you to do the same in your town!

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