Thursday, 24 May 2012

may 23, 2012

i have some good news tonight! do you remember how i talked to my mom for the first time in just about forever on mother's day? well, we made a plan to talk again tonight...and would you believe it went pretty well?

we stuck to relatively safe topics like work and our pets, but still. i think we were gentler with our newly sprouting relationship during this talk. conversation was more superficial, but maybe that's all our connection can take right now.

blessedly, there were no discussions of our shared past or our mistakes or the awkward family dynamics that plague us and make people fume and rage at christmas. it feels a little false, but we might need this gentleness and lightness if we're going to go deeper at some point.

and you know what? i think i'm okay with that. there was a time when i wouldn't have been, but it's cool. maybe in these silly, superficial discussions we'll gradually remember that we sincerely like and appreciate each other on some level. we've been there before. i hope we can go there again. gently. with hands that hold this thing as it grows.

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