Monday, 7 May 2012

may 6, 2012

one of the things that i've realized recently is that mending is rarely a one-time event. this shirt has been one of my favourites for years, and i've mended it at least five times since i bought it at this little shop on st-viateur in montreal in 2003.

a lesson i've learned from clothes specifically is that we have to keep an eye on the weak points because that's where the tears and pulls show up. people are the same: our weak points are where the damage happens, over and over, and we need to take the time to mend. however many times it takes, and for however long it takes. lingering on a hurt and re-grieving it often feels like a failure, but it's not.

when there's a tear, you mend it.
when there's a hurt, you mend it.
same scenario, different level of stigma.
but both need to happen.

with this shirt, the weak point has always been where the arm and bodice meet. both sides. i continually find holes there:

tonight, i mended with a contrasting stitch to show myself which generation of mend it is. next time, i'll use a different colour thread.

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