Tuesday, 27 March 2012

march 23-26, 2012

these last few days have been a whoa la kind of time of integrating a lot of things and intensively taking care of my body.

i had every intention of catching up on my mending posts from the last few days, and then i realized that part of the whole process here - my process - is to learn to accept that sometimes i won't have the energy to complete things. besides...catching up sort of misses the point, doesn't it? it doesn't reflect the reality in which i'm working. my body is already doing so much, day-to-day, to rebalance and heal and adjust to treatments and compensate for injuries and manage misalignment and realignment. so much mending already on the go this last little while.

acute periods of pain and injury management mean less energy for other things. imagine that? i feel so peaceful at having made the decision to let these last few posts go. feels like progress of some kind with that beastly thing called acceptance. historically, it hasn't been a strong suit for my bull-headed self.

when i looked up the word "acceptance" on google images, the picture above was the first image in the list of results. it made me laugh in recognition because of how much it goes against the grain to accept your life situation and try to work with it.

but the image to the right also rang true - this is why change is so exhausting! thanks to fred nickols for this drawing, which he created for this illuminating post on the change acceptance cycle. it was intended for a corporate audience, but it's relevant, in many ways, to anyone experiencing intensive life changes. i found this statement especially helpful: "the negative reactions people have to changes, then, aren’t to the changes but to the losses they create." so true.

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  1. i really like both those images. my take on the fish one is that the orange fish is different, both in colour and for swimming against the current, so the blue fish have to accept it, or that's their work of acceptance.