Wednesday, 14 March 2012

march 13, 2012

lately, i've been losing lots of little things in my new femme-me-down handbag. chapstick, pens, my little travel tube of advil, etc.

it's been confounding me, but i have at last found the culprit! a 2 to 3-inch hole in one of the inside pockets that's allowing things to slip between the lining and the leather:

i've been totally loving my new bag, so i'm going to mend it tonight so that we can continue in our otherwise positive femme/accessory relationship. :P

now that i've recovered all the treasures that had slipped into bag purgatory, i'm going to get stitching...

i decided to do a fancy little vertical stitch between each horizontal stitch, just to make it prettier. task = done. femme = happy.

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