Thursday, 22 March 2012

march 22, 2012

today has been one big heart smile. i went to the doctor to check on my ears and my right leg and hip, which have all been giving me trouble. i don't know what kind of blessings were being showered down on me today, but i had a series of incredibly wonderful experiences with the medical staff.


first off, my nurse practitioner listened to every word i said, asked me to repeat myself if she was unclear and responded to exactly what i asked for. no agenda of her own. lots of compassion. no irrelevant questions.

she set me up with everything i needed. she deferred to what my specialists had told me about various things she wasn't well-versed in, and referred me to a muscular-skeletal doc when she didn't have in-depth answers to my questions. there was utter respect and humanity in every moment. she took her time but didn't linger on things unnecessarily. perfect balance.

once she had confirmed that there was a problem with my ankle, she sent me off immediately for x-rays. literally, she pointed to the hospital across the courtyard from the doctor's office where i could get imaged within 20 minutes.

the x-ray tech was sweet, kind and helpful. so human. so open. she was respectful and gentle, not to mention funny. after she was done her work, she lowered the hydraulic table so i wouldn't have to put undue pressure on my ankle by hopping down. she called me by my first name and wished me well in my healing. she smiled sincerely and joked with me. she even gave me a cd of the images to pass along to my chiropractor so everyone was in the loop.

wow. i could go on and on about how amazing it was. to be respected and treated with a kind, calm, trusting, open-hearted humanity! at the hospital! well, i have to say, it mended something deeeeeeeep in my heart. tra la much awesome! thank you manon and stephanie! you renew my faith in the potential of western medicine!!!

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  1. That's really great to hear, not to mention surprising. Glad you had such a good - and quick - hospital experience.