Monday, 9 April 2012

april 9, 2012

i've been thinking LOTS about concepts of success. what it looks like, what it feels like, whether it's possible to accept a success has occurred in the absence of positive feedback, what other people think vs. what you think, what the markers of true success are vs. flailing around trying to do what you should, etc...

pretty much all of the markers of success i can think of - confidence, integrity, insight, self-education, beauty of mind, honesty, taking action, vision, intelligence, humour, groundedness, compassion and passion for what you're doing - are present in the open letter from ashley judd that i read online today.

i didn't even know how much i loved ashley judd until today!

i found her letter by chance, by way of a friend's facebook post. i'm going to share it here as an example of what i think success looks like. she is so strong and insightful and smart. read her words and remember your unchangeable worth. i love how she makes it a practice to protect her mind and heart and quality of life from the cruel wolves. i think she's onto something here.

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