Monday, 30 April 2012

april 28, 2012

you know what's really amazing? when two adults sit down together and sincerely apologize to each other for bad behaviour and talk about what's going on under the surface for each other and what's been hurting or frustrating them and then say a bunch of unsaid things that wipe the slate clean so they can exhale all the tension and crap and get back to the good stuff. it opens up space. it renews trust and respect. it restores clear sight.

this is exactly what i did tonight, with a friend of mine that i've been working with for the past couple of years. we sat across from each other in a montreal restaurant, sharing food and mending each other's hearts with the truth. (and mending our own in the process.) our hangout started and ended with a hug, and i felt the difference in the parting hug. the warmth and openness was back. no more block.

telling the truth and hearing it in return is a wonderful thing. no one is perfect, but everyone is responsible for what is created in the world as a result of certain actions or decisions. being accountable and being held accountable is one way to remember that you have a place in a community. put another way: as long as you care about your community and the people in it, you belong. but you gotta mend it when it tears.

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