Monday, 9 April 2012

april 8, 2012

oooh, passion. i guess it's the sexy, life-filled buzzing of spring that's bringing all of this stuff to the fore, but i feel like i'm engaging with my passions for the first time in a long time. including my passion for food. like whoa.

i was so spoiled tonight. i got the chance to review one of my favourite restaurants, zenkitchen, for a local publication. the smattering of dishes she served us really inspired me and stirred up my love of cooking. the way she combines flavours, and the unexpected spice blends. so beautiful!

the appetizers were the best, hands down...polenta fries with a chipotle-tequila sauce, nut-encrusted mushroom tempura, homemade pickles, a skewer of grilled tofu marinated in apple butter and miso - let me tell you, i'm going to be trying that miso-apple combination at home. on pretty much everything. and the sope! it was topped with a vegan lime-flavoured creme fraiche that blew my mind.

the other thing is, the food is so healthy! whole foods, lots of vegetables, no gmos, no preservatives, homemade everything. i was raised by slow foodists, so it really feels like going back to my roots.

in the spirit of sharing this inspiration, i'd like to offer to make a really healthy, tasty, fancy meal for someone who is feeling not so excited about food or cooking or eating these days. i will work around any allergies or limitations - no problem at all. it can be in toronto, montreal or ottawa. are there any takers?

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  1. i'd be a taker, gladly! :) working in a restaurant, i lose my excitement for food...when i get home from work the last thing i want to do is cook!